Multiply123 Toolkit

Campaign information and assets for partner organisations

About Us

Multiply is an adult numeracy programme funded by the UK Government. Tailored for adults over 19, it aims to improve adult numeracy skills, confidence with numbers and career prospects. It’s designed to help people looking to boost their career, support family learning, get new qualifications or better manage their finances.

Numbers are everywhere. But many people struggle to deal with numbers.  In fact, it is estimated that one in ten people across the UK struggle with numeracy.

This is particularly true locally as Glasgow City Region is ranked low in the UK Numeracy Index for numeracy skills and confidence. While Scotland scores an average of 42, people in the Glasgow City Region has almost double the need for more numeracy skills with a score of 80.

Help is available, with hundreds of local people being supported through the Multiply123 numeracy programme which is providing a range of fully funded courses and activities of all types, free to residents across the Region’s eight council areas: Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, and Renfrewshire.

Confused woman looking at phone surrounded by question marks


Key organisations and agencies across Glasgow City Region can support Multiply123 and make a real difference to the lives of your staff, customers, clients or local residents.


  • Develop content to share on your own channels, adapting the suggested posts and Multiply programme messages in this toolkit.
  • Share / support Glasgow City Region (and your local council’s) social media content focused on Multiply. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). Link here for all the social accounts to follow.
  • Raise awareness of the Multiply programme and support for your staff, customers or clients via your website, newsletters, marketing material and among stakeholders, and encourage your networks to do the same.
  • Signpost to the Multiply123 website so that visitors can explore the wider range of courses of all types for adult learners.
  • Ask staff working directly with specific clients / groups to refer on to the Multiply123 programme and courses, to help people to build confidence with their numeracy skills or get a qualification. See the referrer script and materials.

Campaign Materials – Creative Concept

The eight member councils of Glasgow City Region have come together to deliver a regional marketing campaign to raise awareness of Multiply courses and to encourage people to register for them. The campaign is supported by a helpline and website –

The campaign was launched in February 2024 and will run for a year. The campaign has been running on bus sides and rears, at key transport hubs and train stations, on social media and online platforms.

The creative focus is on asking people: ‘Are Numbers Getting In Your Way?’ with a solution being to do a Multiply course which will help make numbers easier for you to deal with.

The creative uses large numbers which can be seen around people’s heads, to emphasise that numbers are a problem that the person in the image is avoiding. A ‘X’ is used in the concept to frame the artwork and draw attention to the image – as well as being a mathematical operation (multiply).  A number of scenarios are used to reflect real-life situations that will resonate with people, including helping children with homework, household bills/shopping and supporting career progression.

All artwork is supported with all or some of the UK Government, Levelling Up, Multiply and Glasgow City Region logos, as funding has been provided through UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

The call to action is to ‘find free numeracy courses near you’ to highlight that there are a range of courses near to where you live.

The Multiply123 website and helpline number are provided to signpost people for help or to register.

Posters and Flyers

Illustration of downloadable poster design

Our posters raise awareness of the Multiply123 campaign. We also have editable belly posters which means you can insert information about local courses in them.

We also have flyers for different audiences. One with generic information, one for employees and one for referrals.

Social Media Posts and Graphics

Illustration of Social Media Graphic

You can download suggested copy and graphics to post on your own social media channels.

Ready to post graphics are available for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These can also be shared through community WhatsApp groups.


Illustration of Downloadable social media animations

You can download animations and gifs to post on your own social media channels or website.  

Video Content

Illustration of downloadble video content

We have made a number of videos featuring people who have participated in Multiply courses to highlight the benefits of doing a course.

You can download these and show on your own social media channels or website.

Internal and External Communications Resources

You can download template copy to share information and key messages about the Multiply campaign and courses for websites, newsletters, intranet etc.