Are numbers getting in your way?

Free numeracy courses and support near you

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Numbers are everywhere in everyday adult life. But we can help make numbers easier for you. We offer support and advice on fully-funded short courses for adults in your local area. And they’re free!

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A wide range of courses will give you the confidence to work with figures, as well as bagging a skill for life. Skills that you can apply in the workplace, when calculating a bill, making dinner or helping out with homework.

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Don’t let numbers stand in your way. Find out how you can improve your numeracy skills and be more confident with numbers by learning with people like you, at a place near you.

Contact Multiply123 on
0808 171 3030
for assistance on the courses available and how to register

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Avoid the fear factor when it comes to figures!

Through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Multiply, a UK Government-funded programme to help adults improve basic numeracy skills, a range of fully-funded and free courses are available locally that will boost confidence and give you problem-solving skills that will keep number anxiety at bay.

Arranged in venues across the eight local authorities in Glasgow City Region, a wide range of courses are available to suit every need. There are even opportunities to gain a maths qualification.

Who are the courses for?

If you are aged 16 or over and don’t have at least a National 5, Standard Grade or O-Grade qualification in maths or arithmetic or if your qualification was some time ago, then you are eligible for a free training course. Want to find out more? Then read on.