How can numbers help you?

Numbers are everywhere in everyday adult life. But we can help make them easier to deal with. Support and advice on fully-funded short courses for adults in your local area are available.

Woman helping young girl with mathematics homework

How would I benefit from signing up?

To help you be more confident when it comes to numbers. Numbers are around every day. Counting change, working out bills, measuring ingredients, costing materials, ordering equipment, doing tax returns, paying suppliers, paying for a bus ticket. The list is endless! But for some people, numbers can cause anxiety,  confusion or simply make them switch off. It can also stop people from getting ahead in their career, or helping family members.

Through Multiply123, free courses will give you the confidence to apply basic numeracy skills to these everyday activities. Whether it’s at work, at home, getting around, socialising, helping your children, paying for something or organising your personal finances.

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Why do I need to understand numbers?

Numbers are everywhere. These courses will help you with basic numeracy skills such as counting, making basic calculations, working out ratios, make price comparisons, take measurements, understand scales, time, shapes and costings. Learning basic number skills will help you apply them to everyday activities and situations; so that you don’t have to think – or worry – about it.

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What types of course are available?

Courses are wide-ranging and can be anything from basic numbers and arithmetic to money management courses or classes tailored for specific needs such as help with homework, working in IT, retail or hospitality or for everyday activities such as cooking, paying bills, DIY or gardening.

For others, it’s the first step to a maths or numeracy-based qualification that could help with getting a job or advance career prospects.

There are also classes for specific audience groups such as women, men, families, people with disabilities, people whose first language isn’t English, or those with support needs.

Who is eligible to register for a course?

The Multiply free courses and activities are for adults aged 16 and over.

  • 16-18 year olds who are not in education, employment or training
  • 19 years and over who want to improve your maths skills for work, career or training, and don’t have a maths qualification in National 5 at Grade C or if you do, your qualification was some time ago.

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