Ruaridh talks about how he was nervous to make food for himself before attending the course

Ruaridh’s Story

Previously Ruaridh struggled with the confidence to make food on his own. Now he is learning how to prepare recipes on his own, with a view to having some independent living skills, while also working towards cooking on a budget and manage his money.

Ruaridh attended ‘Multiplier: Catering’ classes, for free, at Parkhead School House.

He tells us:

“The course involves cutting food and dividing it equally, but also regulating the temperature on the oven.  I would always let others make my food before, I wasn’t really sure I could, I used to think that’s too hard for me. Now after the course I think, actually I can do this, this is fun! Everything is explained in an easy way. We are making food and having a nice time. “