Clair tells us how she’s been using her improved number-confidence in her everyday life

Clair’s Story

When Clair was at school she says she wasn’t at the same level as her peers and struggled to keep up with them. She was quiet though, so it went unnoticed. She felt she had no support. She believes that additional support needs (ASN) weren’t as widely understood or recognised in the education system as then and her ASN has only been recently diagnosed. She says that at the age of 41, she feels really proud of herself for taking part in the classes because it has helped her to get the right support with her learning, which is something she missed out on as a young person.

Clair says:

“At the start, I was worried I wouldn’t manage. The course tutors made it very relaxed, interactive and supportive though – going at the pace we needed. My main reason for pushing myself through these courses is because I want to be able to support my son with his ASN. I would say to anyone – just come along. It is very relaxed and supportive with no judgement. We also support each other within group and you’ll make new friendships.”

Clair has successfully completed four courses, for free, through Multiply123:


  • National 2 Measure
  • National 2 Money
  • National 2/3 Money management and data
  • National 4 Numeracy