Davey talks about how the programme has helped him make better choices when shopping for food

Davey’s Story

Davey lives in Erskine, Renfrewshire, and has been attending Multiply classes at Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health (RAMH) for the six weeks.

Davey says it has helped him with healthy eating, understanding the price of things and how to get a lower price. He said he used have to get help with that because he was terrible at maths and would end up buying the same thing all the time.

The course he did was specially-designed to look at how numeracy skills can help with understanding nutritional content and budgeting for the weekly food shop. It’s a broad-based approach but people who struggle have reported that it’s an easy way to learn about numbers.

Davey says that the programme has given him new confidence. He was able to meet new people while learning about numbers and healthy eating.

Learners on the RAMH programme agree and feedback has been very positive, with everyone supporting each other to show their work and discuss their experience.