Irene talks about how supportive and fun she’s found the classes

Irene’s Story

When Irene left school, she was unable to read, write or spell. She found, later in life, that she would struggle with adding, division and percentages when she was budgeting or shopping, so she wanted to improve her number-skills.

Irene attended ‘Savvy Savers’ and ‘New Year, New You’ classes, for free, at her local
community centre.

She tells us:

“My course tutor breaks things down, so I understand it. I think like a child; I understand things better when it’s explained to me. I realise now that it’s just practice. It’s all done in a fun way, so it makes you want to come back again. It’s not like going to school. And it’s not just maths but all different things – like literacy, reading and writing and even cooking. I’ve never thought of cooking using numbers. Since the class though I’ve tried out all sorts of cooking ideas. It’s helped me with everything.”