Mark explains how taking part in Multiply123 has helped him regain his confidence with numbers

Mark’s Story

Mark is currently working his way through National 4 Numeracy, having already completed level 3.

The course enables learners to deal with a range of topics including: percentages, fractions, decimals, algebra and volume. Completion of level 3 and 4 will provide the opportunity to progress to National 5 numeracy and further SQA accreditation.

Mark said:

“I feel as though I haven’t really used any of the maths skills I learned at a young age since I left school and therefore have lost my confidence a little with it. I have really enjoyed updating my skillset so far during the course. It has helped me to realise that there are many others like myself who maybe feel we aren’t good at maths on the surface but when you revisit it and work away it tends to come back to you. The support received by staff and other learners has been really helpful too and there’s a great social environment at each class, with staff more than happy to help with any queries or concerns.”